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I have designed and taken many email campaigns from concept right through to sending and analysing the success of these campaigns.


I have designed for different industries including travel, beauty, and healthcare.


The idea behind my designs are to keep it simple yet effective by using high-quality images to ‘sell’ a product/service and combine it with typography to communicate the message further.


Through-out the email design, I take the customer/reader on a journey by thinking about the design of banners, placement of various images, call-to-action buttons and ensuring each section of the email flows easily from one to the other.


I have also used various Email Service Provider (ESP) platforms which include MailChimp, Communicator, and Pure360 to send and analyse the results of each campaign; click-through-rates, open rates, A/B split testing, sales etc…


Further examples of my work can be seen via the links below;


Example 1: Travel email

Example 2: Beauty email


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